Our Talent

Resident Artists

These local artists have dedicated themselves to their creative craft and the work of ORNG Ink by mentoring youth, beautifying the community and establishing themselves as young, original voices in the growing ValleyArts District and beyond.


Elyse Jankowski
Elyse is a New Jersey-based wedding and portrait photographer. She currently donates 10% of her bookings to ORNG Ink and utilizes the space for studio photo shoots. Elyse looks forward to mentoring youth and contributing to the Valley Arts community.


Vlad Jean

Krystle Lemonias

Patricia Rogers

Ray Sykes

Emerging Artists

Our high-level draft picks. These young artists are so talented and committed to establishing themselves as the voices of tomorrow that we are fully committed to supporting them today. You should be also. Hire them, promote them, encourage them.

Khari Johnson-Ricks

Amonnie Nicholas

Cesar Presa



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