Mission and Vision


ORNG ink is a youth-led, user driven community-based arts studio with a mission to provide free and low cost arts-related programming to underserved students in grades K-12, as well as young adults and families from diverse backgrounds.

Professional and emerging artists teach and mentor younger participants through structured classes, open studios, community events, and apprenticeships in music, visual arts, film, fashion, and photography

Our collaborative environment provides a framework for students of all ages to cultivate the skills and talent necessary to appreciate and practice the arts in an active environment.

Using art as a vehicle for education, communication and civic engagement ORNG Ink is Out Reaching To The Next Generation.

Core Principles

Youth Led-

ORNG Ink was founded out of a strong dedication to creating a space devoted to the development and support of our children. 8 high school students created the name and chose the early direction of the space, and we continue to remain focused on the needs of our youngest participants. Remaining connected to local youth is the key to our programming and we strive to offer a safe and well-structured environment while remaining flexible enough to accommodate the ever changing interests and voices of the next generation of young people. This effort to always reach one hand out to the next generation is key to the work of ORNG Ink.

Practically speaking this means an emphasis on finding balances within artistic disciplines that allow room for dedicated study and casual engagement while promoting intergenerational and interdisciplinary communication.


Our second directing principle is to minimize “Top-down” leadership by encouraging and enabling participants of all ages to work collaboratively to maintain the space and make key decisions on its use and direction. This type of collective, self-initiated leadership teaches valuable lessons to young artists about their relationship to their work, their peers, and develops skills relevant to establishing an identity within an artistic community.

Vision for the Future

By 2020, ORNG Ink will grow into maturity as a non-profit organization supported through current contributions, new funding partnerships, and the development of a robust entrepreneurial wing, offering goods and services from our participating artists of all ages. We will offer an ever-growing catalog of classes and mentorship programs that will be integral in launching the successful arts careers of several Orange residents and we will gain exposure from their voice in the larger art community.

We will grow in capacity through a full administrative staff and look to develop additional studio spaces dedicate to various art forms either in satellite locations or in a larger central location.

We will remain an innovator in the arts relevant to modular, cooperative education and creative intergenerational, multicultural and interdisciplinary placemaking.


Short Term

  • Cultivate, Educate and Maintain a new roster of Resident Artists dedicated to serving youth within our community as we support them in developing their personal work and building their careers.
  • Strengthen partnerships with local schools through free and low-cost educational opportunities facilitated within schools and at our Ironworks location.
  • Launch an ORNG Ink shop, a collection of online stores that sell affordable art produced by our participating artists.
  • Developing an ongoing fundraising campaign that provides incentives to individuals, organizations and small businesses that offer ongoing support to our program.
  • Reinvigorate the services wing of the ORNG Ink initiative, by promoting the studio as a service provider in the visual arts, design, audio/video development and more.
  • Continue to grow as an event venue for young and emerging talent in Essex County and develop revenue through space rental and ticket sales to support free classes and workshops.